White Tiger CBG


Potent and powerful, this exquisite white CBG is a connoisseur favorite.
2 oz (56g)
1/4 lb (114g)
1/2 lb (228g)
1 lb (456g)
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This exquisite strain is a potent powerhouse of CBG – the result of many generations of careful breeding and perfecting. Known for its amazing ability to provide body relief, many users are now adding CBG to their daily routine to maximize the plant’s existing benefits even further.

100% Legal Hemp Flower and US Federal Farm Bill Compliant < 0.3% Δ-9 THC.

Flavor Profile: Notes of buttery earth, fresh flower, and black pepper pop out of these bold buds.

Strain Profile: This rare cannabinoid is studied for its unique properties, and many users find it to be a beneficial addition to their existing natural wellness routine.

Bud Appearance: These trichome-rich buds are a sight to behold. A sheer white veil of frost gives these beauties their signature ivory sparkle, and when you crack the bud ope n leaves drenched in snowy crystals pour out in a magical flurry.

Reviews for White Tiger CBG

  1. Jack S.

    This White Tiger CBG is so interesting because the inside of these buds are powder white which was a fun surprise. Fast shipping and good prices, couldn’t ask for more thanks!

  2. Peter V.

    Super frosty and great looking white. I’m fairly new to CBG but this particular strain seems to work better for me than the other ones I’ve tried. When you break the buds apart there is tons of white on the inside too, which was pretty cool to see.

  3. Jordyn C.

    Awesome bud quality. CBG can be really hit or miss and this one is surefire hit. Everything I ordered arrived super fresh and I was very impressed with all the strains I tried so far. Like others have said, CBG is good to mix with other strains it seems to maximize the benefits.

  4. Madison K.

    This is an excellent CBG. I’ve tried a few different kinds and this one takes the cake. The flower is super fresh and flavorful and seems to have a lot of healing properties based on what I’ve read online.

  5. Glenn Perez

    Great variety across the board. The Strawberry I got tasted just like strawberries and the White Tiger was dank and fresh. Very impressed with this assortment!

  6. Evan S.

    Really good white CBG and really good flower in general. Everything is packaged nicely and my order arrived quickly and better than expected.

  7. Sterling W
    (verified owner)

    First is these are great people to do business with second these buds are beautiful and I like the fact that this cbg is so smooth and low profile smell it’s great for evening when I am going to be around my family. This is a must try for everyone!!!!!

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Additional information


2g Large Sample in BudVault Jar, 1/8 oz (3.5g), 1/2 oz (14g), 1 oz (28g), 2 oz (56g), 1/4 lb (114g), 1/2 lb (228g), 1 lb (456g)

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