Key Lime Pie


This best-selling beauty delivers chill zen and clear focus.
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Perfect for those days you need a happy little mood boost, Key Lime Pie is the strain for you. This tart flower is swirling with peppery earth flavors, while subtle citrus and cheese aromas round out the strain’s intoxicatingly unique scent. Relaxing and elevating all at once, this versatile bud can be enjoyed anytime.

100% Legal Hemp Flower and US Federal Farm Bill Compliant < 0.3% Δ-9 THC.

Flavor Profile: Tart, cream, and a sweet pull make up this strain’s unique flavor profile, which is balanced out beautifully with an undercurrent of zesty sweetness that lingers on the pallet. 

Strain Profile: Users can expect deep body relief with this relaxing strain, along with a gentle cerebral boost perfect for day or night.

Bud Appearance: These elongated nugs are the perfect balance of wispy and dense, and their dark green leaves are decorated with tons of frosty trichomes.

Reviews for Key Lime Pie

  1. JR

    I love the cerebral effect with this one. It doesn’t zap my energy instead it helps me destress a bit and focus better. The flower itself is beautiful and great quality. I am very impressed so far!

  2. Madison K.

    Great strain! I was very impressed with the quality of this brand, this was my husband and my first order with Budvault and the 3 we got were excellent. We have tried many different brands over the past year so we know a winner when we see one and Strawberry Shortcake is dynamite!

  3. Kyle J.

    WOW! Bud Vault really came through with this one! Super aromatic buds, they look and smell really good and the effects are fast and long lasting. This is a really good relaxing body strain great stuff!

  4. Natasha S.

    LOVE this!! I have tried so many different strains from online shops, and I have to say this one is a stand-out. It’s super potent and I can’t stop smelling the bag! Looking forward to trying out some of the other strains.

  5. Tom J.

    Beautiful flower and great quality and prices! Key Lime Pie is perfect for daytime or after work. Its a feel good strain for sure, keeps you going but relaxes in just the right way. Highly recommend!

  6. Capri L.

    This order really exceeded my expectations! Everything arrived in nice jars and the flower quality was impressive. The Candyland deal was good too thank you!

  7. Vladi D.

    2 thumbs up for Key Lime Pie. Strong and good smell, super smooth, and looks fresh and well taken care of (if that makes sense). This is high quality flower for sure. I’m still making my way through the selection but so far very happy with my purchase.

  8. Alexis S.

    Key Lime Pie is a tasty one! Gives me a nice midday boost and gets me through my afternoon slump which is more than I could ask for. Its also a great looking flower the buds are beautifully manicured and arrived very fresh and packaged nicely. Like others have said the jars are a nice touch!

  9. Marissa Jones

    Unlike other reviewers I actually use hemp to be productive and get things done, and Key Lime Pie and Lucky Cookies have been a godsend for this! If you work from home or have creative projects you need to get done I recommend both of these because they have SAVED me this past month. Those 2 strains are also some of the best looking overall the buds are huge and smell fantastic. I am a huge fan of the budvault so far!!

  10. Kelly Atwood

    Awesome brand and great service! I found this site because of a deal with the Candyland and ended up ordering twice in a row because I loved my 1st order so much! Def get the Candyland deal if you can, and I highly recommend trying a variety of the other strains because they are all really different and good in their own right. Key Lime Pie and Lucky Cookies are good daytime strains (my favorites), Grizzly and Sweet wife are good for unwinding and decompressing at night (prob my boyfriend’s 2 favorites). If you haven’t tried CBG yet they have a good one too. We just started experimenting with mixing the CBG with the other strains and it seems to help boost the effects of the individual strains. This is something we are reading a lot about lately but it is worth trying based on what we noticed so far!

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Additional information


2g Large Sample in BudVault Jar, 1/8 oz (3.5g), 1/2 oz (14g), 1 oz (28g), 2 oz (56g), 1/4 lb (114g), 1/2 lb (228g), 1 lb (456g)

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