Sweet and sour strain for uplifting, mood-boosting focus.
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This famous hybrid is a cross between Sour Tsunami and Early Resin Berry, and the finished product is nothing short of extraordinary. These buds are as beautiful as they are aromatic, displaying a kaleidoscope of purple, orange, and green hues sure to delight all your senses. This strain is high in terpene, and the abundance of myrcene give this flower its signature sweet and sour candy aroma.

100% Legal Hemp Flower and US Federal Farm Bill Compliant < 0.3% Δ-9 THC.

Flavor Profile: Notes of candied apple and sour cherry pop out of these aromatic nugs, giving this sweet and tart strain it’s famous name.

Strain Profile: The go-to strain for “getting things done,” Candyland is both mood-boosting without being too heady, and body relaxing without being sedated. 

Bud Appearance: If you’re a sucker for bud eye candy, then this may be the strain for you. These large buds are a sight to behold, with splashes of purple and orange decorating each enormous nug like ornaments on a Christmas tree.

Reviews for Candyland

  1. Bob V.

    This bud is! I didnt know what to expect with my first order so I only ordered a couple at first.. sour candy and strawberry shortcake they were both fire. Insane amounts of flavor and good bud quality can’t wait to try more thanks.

  2. Carrie L.

    These buds are huge! I got some 2g nugs in my bag which was a pleasant surprise. This is a good strain for daytime because it doesn’t give you that stuck feeling. If anything it kind of gets me going again when I start losing energy later in the day, especially working from home/taking care of kids all day.

  3. Jeff K.

    This is a really good daytime strain, doesn’t make me sleepy at all. If anything it helps me focus and get stuff done. The flower itself is excellent quality too. Tastes and smells like sour candy and the buds are enormous.

  4. Dan L.

    Super good sour strain, the buds are huge and flavorful. My order arrived fast and everything was very fresh and great quality. Thanks!

  5. Jessica F.

    This one is soooo good! Yummy flavor and beautiful to look at. I almost get a tiny energy boost from this strain which is good for days I work from home or have to get stuff done around the house!

  6. Will D.

    Awesome sour candy strain. I love this company. the buds are fresh and dank I am very impressed I will be coming back again soon.

  7. Allie F.

    AMAZING!! Candyland is the best hemp flower I’ve tried the nugs are so big! I love the way it makes me feel somehow it makes me more productive afterwards which I need!!

  8. Terry M.

    I am SOOOO happy I found you guys. I got the Candyland special and was blown away by the quality and good deals here! My order got here super fast and everything was super fresh and smells amazing thank you!

  9. Aaron A.

    Ok I never write reviews but had to for this one.. first of all great deal on this Candy Land, I will def get that again if its still available for my next order! Secondly, the potency on all the strains is insanely high..most of these are well above 20%! Unheard of basically! Finally. the flower is super fresh and great nugs across the board, just overall great quality flower! I recommend it to anyone looking for top notch hemp and I can’t wait to try more!

  10. T.B.

    I was shocked to see how big these buds were! The half oz jar I ordered was full of the biggest nugs I’ve ever seen and the flavor was so good. I only really like the sweet strains and this company has the best variety for that. If you love sweet I also suggest the Strawberry Shortcake and Lucky Cookies!

  11. Trevor P.

    The % potency on these strains is unreal! This is a great one it looks awesome and tastes like candy. The larger buds like this one/Lucky Cookies tend to make me more energized, while the denser ones like Grizzly Glue and Sweet Wife calm me down more. I recommend getting a cpl different ones because you can really taste and feel the difference between each strain.

  12. Scott F
    (verified owner)

    At first I was skeptical about buying flower online, let alone from one of the cheapest places. Normally this is a “get what you pay for” type of thing, but this hemp is actually better than anything I can find locally. The huge buds break down so well and taste great. Super sticky if that’s your thing. I’m looking forward to seeing what their other strains offer!

  13. William S
    (verified owner)

    Huge buds looks great. Fresh breaks down well. Really good feeling afterwards not at all dragged down. Smells great quickly delivered right to my doorstep. Will definitely be coming back.

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Additional information


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